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SKW Stahl-Metallurgie GmbH, based in Unterneukirchen (Germany) operates under the (corporate) SKW Metallurgie brand. We focus mainly on the European markets and offer the following products and services:

For the gas industry:
gas carbide for the production of acetylene gas

For the steel industry:
hot metal desulphurization
powder and granules for steel refinement (secondary metallurgy)

We are members of the Opta Group. For the Group web site, please click here.


Quality desulphurisation of hot metal
Hot metal desulphurisation serves to relieve downstream metallurgical processes from desulphurisation work.

Steel refinement
Alloying, refining and finishing in the ladle are substantial processing steps in secondary metallurgy. In the end, they determine the quality of the steel.

Gas carbide
Calcium carbide for the production of acetylene gas

News & Views

In this section, you can find news regarding the SKW Metallurgie Group as well as the general steel industry (the main client industry of the SKW Metallurgie Group). In addition to the steel industry SKW Stahl-Metallurgie GmbH is a proud partner of the gas industry.

Steel is at the core of a green economy.

The steel industry does not compromise on environmental responsibility. Steel is the world’s most recycled material and 100% recyclable. Steel is timeless. We have improved steel production technology to the point where only the limits of science confine our ability to improve.

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