Carbide mix

Carbide based hot metal desulphurisation agent for attaining lowest sulphur content.

In order to attain the highest requirements of steel quality, the composition of the components and additives is individually adapted to the customized conditions in the steel plant.

The chemical composition is preset precisely during production by means of specially developed dosage software which compensates fluctuations in the raw material and thereby ensuring constant product quality.

Optimised products are offered for mono-injection, co-injection and tri-injection.

Product Basic components Field Data sheet
Karbid mix 11 CaC2 Mixture for the co-injection with Magnesium in open ladles. Rich in Calcium Carbide and with reducing volatile component.
Karbid mix 13 CaC2 CaDC with an amount of Cryolite to reduce iron losses.
Karbid mix 17 CaC2 + CaO Calcium Carbide mixture for mono-injection in torpedo ladles.